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Getting there….

with the kids and their "significant others"

First I must thank those who supported me to return as a Deputy to General Convention 2012. I am delighted to be there and to represent our wonderful Diocese.

Along with Fr. Scott Lenoir and Fr. Jeff Reich, I helped lead a workshop on Communications at our Diocesan Council. It was a blast! We had a standing room only crowd, and the three of us worked well in discussing and showing both print and electronic communications tools. I think it was well received – will see once the evaluations are in!

Council was fun as usual, and the focus on Mission, coupled with the Mission Marketplace and the excellent workshop offerings enhanced what is always a joyful event. And with my election as Deputy, and Danny Meadors as 1st alternate in the Lay order, St. Patrick’s is once again the most represented of Parishes per capita at General Convention!

This weekend the Diocese is sponsoring a conference on the Anglican Covenant. I will not be able to attend due to the ongoing medical issues I am dealing with. 6 hours a day of IV antibiotics do not lend themselves to travel (I skipped a dose to make it to Council last weekend and got in big trouble!). I will be with them in spirit and continue to study the Covenant and to read all I can the various opinions on it. It will be a very important part of our work at GC2012 I am sure.

Health wise things are improving. The cast was removed Monday and the wound looks really, really good. My LW was a bit concerned at first, but so far the healing appears to be on track. I am supposed to miss 2 more weeks of work, and I am mostly non-weight bearing for a week, although I have started rehab and am walking a little around the house. How GREAT it feels to be without crutches! This nightmare began October 6th and I am really excited to make positive progress after a difficult time. What a blessing in my life to have a wife not only skilled and knowledgable in all things medical, but who takes such good and loving care of me. Believe me, this is not a blessing I take for granted.

I miss St Patrick’s folks very much and hope I can see them all this Sunday in some capacity. Praying today for all those facing difficulties from this wintry weather, especially the homeless, first responders, and those who travel. Stay safe folks!

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