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Getting Excited

It’s the week before Holy Week – the most wonderful time of the year! From Palm Sunday through Easter Sunday it’s crazy busy and great! I’ve said it before, although I had been confirmed several years before, I really BECAME an Episcopalian when I finally “danced every dance” for Holy Week. Maundy Thursday with the incredible example of servant ministry in the washing of feet, followed by solemn stripping of the altar and leaving in silence, the all night altar of repose before the Reserved Sacrament, to Good Friday with the church stripped bare and the saying of the Solemn Collects and veneration of the cross, to the glorious Easter Vigil, salvation history told by candlelight and the first Alleluias of Easter, and the glory of Easter Sunday – our liturgies allow us to experience the passion and resurrection of Christ in such amazing ways.

I know it’s really difficult for folks to attend every service of Holy Week, I really do. But I wish, for at least Thursday through Sunday, people would make it a priority, carve out that time, and let the liturgies of our church transport us, change us, and remind us of what it’s all about to follow Jesus.

I am also getting excited about my Sabbatical! Plans are coming together, plane tickets bought, reservations made – it’s almost here! I am equally excited for my parish – the sabbatical time will allow them to not just catch their collective breath, but to participate in some very exciting workshops while also remembering their own ministry as leaders and disciples, without me getting in the way of that.

I have more to say soon about the Sabbatical and some things that are already bubbling up about that time. Meanwhile – make plans to dance every dance of Holy Week yourself, wherever you may be.

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