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It’s Easter SEASON

Another Holy Week is in the book – and it was very nice. While attendance for Maundy Thursday and Good Friday services was down some from previous years (I really wish our local schools would not take spring break during Holy Week every year), we set a record for attendance at the Easter Vigil (and that was with no baptisms) and had a packed house today for Easter Sunday. The church looked great! We had a crew of twenty something folks buzzing around Saturday morning, mowing, power washing, weed eating, painting, decorating and cleaning. It was fun to see and participate in. The Easter Vigil was absolutely amazing – our story tellers really rocked the house this year! And the music – wow. Our Chamber Ensemble did 4 spirituals, one after each of the story teller’s presentations and they were outstanding, spirit filled gifts. Our music leader, John Westley Hodges, is really a blessing to our church. Our own seminarian, Clelie McCandless, preached the homily and we renewed our baptismal vows as I aspurged the congregation. A beautiful candlelit liturgy of the word led to the first Alleluia of Easter and then Eucharist.

Today was special also, with great music, high energy, LOTS of bell ringing and a church full of KIDS! So much fun. One of our families provided an Easter egg hunt before church which was awesome, and a wonderful reception after the service.

An extra blessing was having my two daughters home for Easter weekend and we all had a great time. And of course, following lunch and after all 3 kids got on the road – the post Holy Week nap! SWEET!

Now I move into short timers syndrome as the clock ticks down to my Sabbatical – starts May 15th!

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