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Holy Land!

May 23, 2011

We had a great time in Ft. Myers with family and are on the way now to Israel! Can’t believe this trip has finally arrived – I have truly wanted to make a pilgrimage to the Holy Land since I was very young. I know from Lynne and many others what a great experience this will be and I am so excited that Jennifer can make this voyage with me.

Stay tuned for lots of pictures and reflections. I am keeping a diary as we go, and will share some of those thoughts as well. Also my plan is to continue saying Morning Prayer for the entire time of my Sabbatical, so if that is your habit as well (or if you want to start it), know we will be joining together in prayer each day.

My prayers for all the St. Patrick’s family continue. I do hope you are taking advantage of the workshops being offered. Blessings to all graduates, school teachers, Sunday School teachers and administrators as the school year wraps up.

And speaking of prayers – say one for our very own Clelie McCandless as she prepares to be ordained Deacon on June 4th. I do hope many of you can make the trip to the Cathedral to join with Clelie and her family on this special day. I am so proud of her!

Christ’s Peace to all – more to come from the Holy Land!

Fr. David+

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