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Day Four we head north

May 29, 2011

On day four we left our Jerusalem hotel and headed north. Our group is down to the twelve of us that that started on Wednesday. We stopped and toured the ruins of a large city from Roman times , Beit Shean. Pretty fascinating to see how people lived then and the influence of so many different cultures.
From there we stopped on the Jordan River at a baptismal site. There were several groups there of various languages who we’re being baptized, all in white robes. It was wonderful to watch their pure joy and excitement. Jen and I waded into the Jordan together, it was a very cool moment. We also saw, believe it or not, a nutria swimming in the river, can’t get away from those nasty things!
We filled up a big bottle of river water to bring home for all the future baptisms at St. Patrick’s.

We then journeyed to Nazareth and saw the church of the Annunciation, built above a cave where Gabriel gave his message to Mary that she would bear the Messiah. Pretty awesome! Next to it is the church of the HolyFamily, which has beautiful murals depicting Joseph and is purportedly above his workshop, or one like it. You can see the caves as well as some carpentry tools from that time.
Driving through Cana we made it to Tiberias for overnight. Next up is Sea of Galilee, we already saw it, it’s big! Today we ride across it on a boat to Capernaum!



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