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In between trips, a little celebration or two!

June 7, 2011

We arrived home from Israel about 1 am Thursday morning. Jet lag was in full swing as we had been traveling for almost 24 hours. I must say the security procedures in the Tel Aviv airport were impressive, nor did they take long either. They know how to do it!

The flight home is longer than the flight over there, I guess due to going against the winds. Our seats were taken by a sleeping baby, but the flight attendants helped relocate us and took great care of us on the way home – thanks Kevin!

Before leaving for Israel, I had been plotting a surprise party for Jennifer’s 50th birthday. Mackenzie took on all the hard work and hosted the party at her new apartment in Jackson. A lot of our old Jackson friends, from pre-seminary days, were there, along with Chelsea and John and Mackenzie and Wynne and Mackenzie’s roommate, Brooke. Jennifer was totally surprised. We got her good! That was Friday night in Jackson, then Saturday morning I took a small sabbatical detour to celebrate with Clelie (and four others) her ordination to the Transitional Diaconate. I had told her I would be out of the country for the event, so surprised her as well. It was a great service and the St. Pats acolyte crew was fantastic!

Played golf with John, Chelsea’s boyfriend (and former St. Pats youth minister) Saturday afternoon, visited a local church Sunday morning, and headed to Hattiesburg. Monday was a mixed day as Jennifer had an ortho appointment. Her knees were horrible on the Israel trip, very swollen and painful. An MRI showed major arthritis and some new cartilage tears. Doc says only surgical option is total knee replacement in both knees! UGH! It never ends for the Knights. But we are trying some other remedies in hope we can avoid the replacements for quite awhile. Poor Jen cannot catch a break. Afterwards had a great visit with my parents before heading home.

At home we are doing the laundry thing, mowing the yard, and getting ready for the next trip. We leave early Thursday morning for London / Oxford / Paris / London. Will post again from the other side of the pond!

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