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June 19 London

June 21, 2011

London Town
This time the Eurostar trip was relatively pain free and easy. We got to the station way ahead of time, found our way to check in, and propped ourselves in seats right by the boarding door. We weren’t missing this train! Having to handle so much luggage, it helped to board the coach early so would have space for our bags in the luggage area. Worked perfectly! The ride is about 2 hours and 20 minutes, smooth as silk. A quick cab ride to the hotel and we are settled in our tiny room. European hotels have pretty small rooms and we have discovered London is the ring leader! But it’s nice and clean and safe. The bathroom is smaller than the one we had in seminary, which we didn’t think was possible!
We made it to a cafe before it closed to get online briefly. Did a FaceTime video chat with my Dad for Father’s Day and got to say high to Mom and my brother, Chuck, who got them setup. It was nice to see people! Today Joseph headed to my camp session for staff training, they will have a great camp week, although I am missing them all!
Tomorrow tour of London city, and we are planning at least two full day trips to outer spots like Canterbury and Windsor. One day of course is dedicated to Wimbledon. We are watching the weather to decide when, probably Thur or Friday.
More tomorrow with London pics!
Peace y’all!

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