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Prayers and jet lag

June 28, 2011

If you are the praying type, I have some requests….

Day two home from England. Poor Jen had to go to Hattiesburg Monday early as her mom was having surgery that day. She is staying overnight with her for a few nights. Pray for Jacque (her mom), she is doing well so far. Pray for Jennifer too, as her knees and lower legs are swollen as bad as they were in Israel. We can’t seem to figure out a solution.

Received the dreadful news that another dear friend of ours has died. Ann Jensen of Jackson, long time member of our home parish of St. Peter’s by the Lake, was killed in a motorcycle/car wreck on Spillway Road. Her husband, Jim, was driving the motorcycle and was injured. An SUV pulled out in front of them. Ann was one of the nicest people you would ever meet, had her own Real Estate company (even sold our house when we left for seminary in 99) and will be very much missed by many. Pray for Jim and their three daughters and all their family and friends.

While Jennifer is having to do the nurse thing overnight, which makes recovery from jet lag much harder, I am getting there. Waking up real early but that should self-adjust soon. Plan this week was to take a short trip with Joseph, but his plans have changed and we will do some things around here instead. Headed to a family gathering this weekend for the 4th, then on to my location for writing time. Will take my new bike and hope to drop the 5 pounds I’ve gained since all this began.

Thanks for everyone’s prayers, and your birthday wishes. Jen tells me I had over a 100 “Happy Birthdays” on Facebook, so if you did that and are reading this – THANKS! It was a weird birthday in England, not hearing from folks, but we had a great dinner with old seminary friends, Keith and Ruth Magee. Keith was an exchange student from Westcott House for one semester at Seabury and it was great to catch up.

Off to ride the bike in the heat. …..

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