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Travels and more…..

July 8, 2011

I hope everyone had a great Fourth of July holiday! We spent it with my in-laws in Perdido. Chelsea and her boyfriend were with us a few days as was Joseph and his girlfriend. Mackenzie and boyfriend made it for Sunday. We had a nice, relaxing time.

I have really upped the ante on my bike riding and I am really enjoying it. I am riding about 14 to 15 miles a day, in an hour or so. The new bike is great (recumbent) and this is fast becoming a great new habit. Jennifer has been able to ride hers a couple of times and the knees are doing ok for now. YAY!

Tomorrow (Saturday) I am leaving with Joseph on a quick Father – Son trip, something I am really grateful for as part of this sabbatical time. Then Jen and I will head to south Florida where I will engage in intentional time of writing and studying for 3 weeks. I am unsure how fruitful this time will be but I am looking forward to it. In addition to writing about Katrina and about Racial Reconciliation, I am planning to develop some Bible study materials to use at St Pats this fall. The time will be very structured, with exercise, reading, writing, studying, etc. all mapped out each day. I am each day reminded what a blessing this sabbatical has been and continues to be for me. I pray for St Pats daily and for the people there all the time, and I hope they are all making plans to attend the workshop with our wonderful friends, the Reverends Bill and Diane Livingston. It’s coming up next weekend and should be a real treat for all.

Meanwhile I am enjoying the freedom of much Bible reading and study! Peace Y’all!


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