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Early morning random thoughts

Just a quick post, realizing I haven’t been updating lately. It’s dawn as I do my daily Bible reading and morning prayer time. I am staying current with the plan I am using with YouVersion, as well as the daily office readings. They keep me grounded and start my day off each morning.
The writing time has been a difficult discipline, but some rhythm has developed. I have two very different areas I am writing about, so I try to keep them separate, although there are actually points of convergence. In addition, the Bible study I am developing is coming along nicely. Look out St. Patrick’s, I now own Logos Bible software and I am really enjoying the resources it has. I see a lot of Greek word studies in our future!
I am also keenly aware that my sabbatical time is winding down, and I am constantly turning my thoughts to the parish. And that is as it should be. I pray for y’all every day! I know many of you have held me and my family in your prayers as well. Speaking of, I have a prayer request. Jennifer continues to really struggle with recovery from her knee surgery, today we go for a second opinion from a highly recommended doctor near where we are staying. Please pray we get some good answers and a positive plan of how to get her back to her normal active self again.
Thanks, and God bless.

Fr. David

  1. Rev. Liz
    July 26, 2011 at 6:01 am

    Your blog showed up on facebook, so I’m reading! It’s good to hear from you David. And you are very smart to re-entry through blogging. That will the ease the return! I love the idea of morning prayer and I really love my idea of a small group of us reading a book together. That group would be you, me, Patrick, Chris, Jennifer and maybe Betsy Baumgarten, who is my new assistant chaplain at CES. Robert having become rector at Redeemer! I am going to get that one off the ground this year. Wouldn’t it be great to get morning prayer going as well. I do and will keep you both in my prayers and look forward to seeing you on return.


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