Catching Up

Wow, it has been so long since I’ve written on here. Last post dealt with my thoughts on General Convention 2012 and the need for structural change in the Episcopal Church. There are some really smart and dedicated people working on just that, from various angles. I do hope they prevail. More on this as things develop.

Speaking of developments – we are moving! After 8 years of service at St. Patrick’s I have accepted the call to be Interim Rector at St. James Episcopal Church in Jackson, MS. I start May 1st. That means I have two Sundays left here! Easter and Holy Week were quite emotional for me, 9 Holy Weeks at St. Pats – wow. The Great Vigil of Easter was the hardest/best – this church really loves the Vigil and what an honor it has been to participate in it with them. We do the Vigil GOOD here!

This coming Sunday, April 15, is Youth Sunday, and my son, who is a Senior, will be one of the preachers. He also will lead the music. Thinking back to Joseph as a chubby (no more!) 5th grader, always funny and always a leader, I am so proud of the young man he has become. He is off to Mississippi State in the fall and he will rock it there.

More personal catching up – Jennifer is recovering from two total knee replacements, one in November and one in December. Surprisingly, she is impatient! But she has done amazingly well and really looking forward to how this will enhance her life.

Both daughters are engaged. Mackenzie to Wynne Taylor, they will marry September 22. Chelsea to John Dreyfus, wedding date to be determined, but sometime in 2013. Jennifer and I count our blessings every day that our daughters will marry such outstanding young men. It is exactly what a Dad prays for since their birth! Love them all.

St. James will be a challenging and thrilling ride I am sure. It’s a very busy place, MUCH larger than St. Patrick’s with an incredible staff of lay and clergy. It’s a new kind of challenge and I am very excited to begin that journey with them, serving as Interim Rector until they call their next Rector. Moving to Jackson is an easy transition for us, having lived there over 13 years before seminary and having both daughters there right now. Please pray our house sells SOON, I think we are due for that, don’t you?

I can’t promise more frequent updates but I do pledge to try to do so. As GC2012 approaches I have things to say about that and will of course do daily blog posts from there. Meanwhile, I have to start packing……

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