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Late night at Camp Bratton-Green

I type this having just completed “post-curfew” run number one. It’s Tuesday night, late. We have just finished our first full day of camp (campers arrived Monday at 2, staff Sunday at noon). So far we are off to an amazing start! Our theme is “The Hunger Games” and these 5th and 6th graders, as well as the staff, are pumped up about it.
But before anyone gets their knickers in a knot, we are certainly down playing the violent aspect of the book/movie (as much as you can when 99% of these kids know the story, having already read it or seen it ). With the help of a very useful book by Julie Clawson, “The Hunger Games and the Gospel , Bread, Circuses, and the Kingdom of God”, we are focusing on the good news in the actions of the characters and trying to relate those to both the teachings of Jesus and our own lives as children of God. So far it’s gone fabulously well. My co-director, Andrew McLarty, has written, directed, and performed in some great skits that set the stage not only for some 5th-6th grade level reflections from me, but also to wrap around other camp activities. It’s been really fun. The Permanent Staff this summer is fantastic (aren’t they always – but all in their unique ways) and have eaten this theme up! Breath taking talent in these young adults.
Many, many people connected to our diocese can vouch for the magic that is Camp Bratton-Green. I was an old man before I got to experience it and I am so grateful my kids grew up going to camp here, and now all my family is on staff with me. My entire adult staff is tremendous and fun, and the counselors are working really hard and laughing a lot. It’s instant community, and it’s gospel, and it’s summer, and it’s love and it’s challenging and it’s just simply beautiful. I wonder if I am getting too old (for late night curfew checks for one thing!) and then I see these campers come alive, gleefully giving me high fives, sweetly grabbing an extra roll for me at dinner without me even asking, delighting in me getting pelted with ice water and nasty food at lunch when I “mistakenly” say “Announcements” – well, if that doesn’t keep you young, what will?
I know I need to write about my beginning time at St. James as Interim Rector – I am having a great time! And I also know that General Convention 2012 is around the corner. I have some thoughts about our pre-GC Synod in Kanuga and some pre-GC comments to add soon enough. But not too soon – right now I am at camp and I really don’t want to be anywhere else, for this one, magical, Jesus-filled-in-every-way week.
Oh, Come Away, come away….


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  1. Dennis
    June 21, 2012 at 7:15 pm

    I thank God for you David!!!!


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