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Gearing Up!

Well it’s almost time for GC 77, my 3rd time as a member of the Mississippi Deputation. I’ve been an alternate deputy in 2006 and 2009 and I am honored to be the clergy 2 deputy for 2012.

I leave for Indy Tuesday morning. It’s been a wild few weeks. I had a fantastic 5th and 6th grade camp session the week of June 17-23. Hunger Games RULE! Then last week we moved all our STUFF out of our house in Pass Christian into a storage unit in Jackson. We had LOTS of wonderful help but it was exhausting! I injured my poor feet during the move and I am quite concerned about that for GC, but it is what it is. I think I have $200 of foot and tendon care stuff I am taking to Indy with me!

Today was a great day at St. James. Preached all four services and I am fed by each. I am having a great time here! What a wonderful staff and church, and I am blessed to be hanging out with them. It’s hard to leave them for GC but I am ready for that marathon and whatever I can contribute to the church.

It will be an interesting convention. The momentum for change is strong, the resistance to the same is also strong. We MUST change – structure, budget, emphasis. The old way is no longer working. Many of us refuse to continue down that path. The budget debate is fascinating. By canon the Executive Committee gives a draft budget to the committee for GC (Program, Budget, and Finance – PB&F) and they hold hearings then present a budget for approval. The process this year was convoluted and full of distrust. Then the Presiding Bishop offered a budget idea of her own. Instead of saying “well here is something else to consider”, a lot of the “we don’t need no stinking bishops” crowd in the House of Deputies are up in arms that the PB had the audacity to offer a budget idea. Look people, it has no authority in it, it is just another possible way we can do our budget. Take it, reject it, use some of it. Lord, let the PB be a leader, WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? I fear our soon-to-be-retiring President of the House of Deputies has successfully driven a huge wedge between the House of Deputies and House of Bishops where a large number of deputies just think all the Bishops are scum and out to take their power away from them.

And in the end, isn’t it all about power?

I say trust Bishops to be Bishops, trust the Holy Spirit to be involved when we nominate, elect, and consecrate Bishops, our polity is secure, stop the paranoia! 

OK, so that’s enough…let’s go to Indy and remember Jesus!

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