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GC 77 2nd Legislative Day

Hard to believe it’s only the 2nd day for legislative sessions. The marathon is in full swing. Legislative committee and hearings beginning as early as 7 am and lasting until 10 or later is the rule of the day.
On the House floor today we dealt with some of “those” resolutions – the kind that drive me crazy! I know the church needs to speak out on issues of justice and equality, and I know these things are important to those that write these resolutions, but I just can’t imagine why we spend time at GC debating such things as – Washington, D.C. should have representation in the Senate, or sperm-donor-children need the right to their family history. Look, I am not arguing that those are good causes, nor that they are very real and personal to a lot of folks, I just cannot for the life of me understand why we deal with resolutions like that at General Convention. It’s really an old and no longer useful model of what the church should be about when gathered in Council. We do have important stuff to do, and the way we include all orders of the church in these deliberations is wonderful and unique and very important. But with that comes days and days of extra time at GC because we have to deal with all this stuff!
I know it’s difficult to draw the line, but we must figure that out, and focus all we do on Christ – knowing Him and making Him known. Some will argue we do that by speaking out on purely political things like that, I don’t see it that way. Let’s talk about planting churches, sending missionaries, adding campus ministries and youth workers. Let’s work on our liturgy, our disciplinary canons and such. Let’s help churches with formation curriculum and best practices in all aspects of church life, then let’s empower local congregations to change the world right where they are. If our parishioners want to fight for these causes, that’s fantastic, please do so. But let’s not spend our time at GC dealing with such things.
OK, enough soap box. Today the Episcopal Cafe quoted little ole me HERE (http://www.episcopalcafe.com/lead/general_convention_2012_live/gc_committee_says_time_to_sell.html) in their report on the giant hearing on structure reform – out of 40 folks who testified. It was really fun and today I’ve been encouraged by quite a few folks who stopped by to tell me they appreciated what I had to say. Thanks everyone! Now….let’s get this done!
We passed a resolution today to sell the church center in New York. HALLELUJAH! We did amend on the floor the original resolution so that there is not a 3 year deadline, but only because the real estate market in NYC is horrible right now and a too-early-sell would cost us more than keeping the building. But symbolically it’s a great statement about where we are now, leaving the old behind and building the new.
It’s also been so inspiring to hear testimony from the Official Youth Presence (they are FANTASTIC) and also young adults with the Episcopal Peace Fellowship. They are engaged and educated about many issues and not afraid at all to speak at hearings and on the floor of convention. They give all of us great hope that we are helping create a church that will sustain them as well.
Tomorrow I am attending the ECW Distinguished women event where St. James’ own Barbara Brunson is being honored. Very well deserved!
I close with the quote of the week so far. At the hearing on reform, one young priest was encouraging us to get this done ASAP. He said, “after all, we only have 88 years to bring our church into the 21st century”. Tongue in cheek and very well said, my friend!

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  1. Kay Boone
    July 7, 2012 at 6:50 am

    David, I am learning much from your blog. Keep it up.


  2. Carol
    July 9, 2012 at 7:18 pm

    Thanks for keeping us well informed!!


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