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Of weddings and such

So it’s been too long since I posted. Last post was a pre-Mackenzie-wedding thing. Here it is two days before Advent and I have some catching up to do….

Mackenzie and Wynne’s wedding was amazing. I am so happy for both of them and so proud of how it all went. Mackenzie worked so very hard on decorations, had a wonderful theme and both the rehearsal dinner and reception were amazing.

St. Peter’s-by-the_sea was gorgeous and the place was PACKED. Jennifer was on the coast all week with Mackenzie and I joined them late Wednesday night. You can imagine the flurry of activity the next few days getting it all ready. I am SO grateful for faithful friend and verger, Danny Meadors, who was so helpful for the wedding. And my dear friend and colleague, Fr. Jeff Reich, who assisted with the service and did their pre-marriage counseling.

As for me – I held up way better than I anticipated. I think making sure everything was in place and everyone in place kept me from being a basket case. Mackenzie’s bride’s maids are all really fantastic ladies and I always enjoy being around them. Following Wynne’s “preview photo op” of the wedding dress, Mackenzie staged one for Dad as well. It was very emotional – she was stunningly beautiful. She gave me a gift of a picture of the two of us the night she was engaged, and on the frame itself was a carving of her actual wedding dress! Amazing.

The service is a bit of a blur. My son Joseph was a highlight for me – he did all the music and was so great! Playing “Hallelujah” as the processional got us all going! Chelsea, my oldest and maid of honor, yelled at me to not look at her! She was struggling to not break down so I had to follow her advice myself!

Walking her down the aisle was a joy! She was nervous, as was Wynne. After handing her off, I dashed to the back to put vestments on, and after a panic of not finding my stole, made it back in time to preach. I am attaching an audio of the sermon:  http://s3.amazonaws.com/dfc_attachments/public/documents/3167759/WeddingMacandWynne.mp3

I did get a tad choked up during the vows, but it was all just wonderful and sweet and special and glorious and still-hard-to-believe-my-girl-is-married.

The reception was at the new Biloxi Visitor’s Center, a gorgeous venue overlooking the gulf on 90 right by the Biloxi Lighthouse. It was a great time. Mackenzie and I had secretly taken dance lessons and had a cute routine to an Elton John song – “Blessed’. “Oh you, you’ll be blessed, you’ll have the best, I promise you that. I’ll pick the stars from the sky, pull your name from a hat – you will be blessed.” It is a song to an unborn, unnamed child. A perfect Daddy-daughter dance song and we ROCKED THE HOUSE!  417273_3724817120965_1989030297_n

An exhausting and fantastic and memory filled week for sure. Congratulations to Mr. and Mrs. Taylor!









Then last week I was honored to officiate the wedding of Jennifer’s step  mother, Caroline, and her new husband, Bill. The event was in New Orleans and they did it right! We stayed at the Royal Sonesta and had a great time. Many of their friends from Ft. Myer’s came and she was a beautiful bride. Jennifer did a great job toasting the couple at the dinner and everyone had SO MUCH fun! We traveled to Ft. Myers, after two nights in Destin at a dear friend’s condo, and had Thanksgiving there. I won’t talk about the famous person whose dog bit me, but other than that it was a wonderful time.

Soon, I promise, some Advent thoughts!







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