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And so comes the Triduum….

I am so proud of the St. James’ folks who have been turning out in high numbers for the first part of Holy Week. Tonight, of course, begins the Triduum – Maundy Thursday / Good Friday / The Great Vigil of Easter. One continuous liturgy that places us in the heart of the story – there are all the elements – feet washed by God, new commandments that are simple yet so hard even now (just love, y’all), betrayal in the garden, solemnly the altar stripped bare we leave in stunned silence. The stark contrast of the church on Good Friday, no flowers, no pretty vestments, no organ music, just us and prayer and God on a cross. We must hold back the urge to scamper too quickly past the brutality, the denials, the fear, the sweat-like-blood, the anguish and pain. Don’t hide your eyes, look straight on, come and hear and say and feel. Leave in that strange silence, how awkward and different and powerful to walk quietly to our cars and exit, not dismissed, no “Thanks be to God”, it’s not yet over, for the tomb is not yet empty.

Come to the wonder of the Great Vigil, candlelight, baptisms, salvation history by story tellers, we all wait in the darkness, anticipating – we know the story but yet we come to live it out again, waiting for that blaze of light, new fire, singing, bell ringing moment when Alleluia rings out and we offer up to God our grateful hearts, changed again by remembering and gathering and sharing and proclaiming. This IS the night!

As I said in my sermon a couple of weeks ago – go for it! Carve out the time. Make it your priority. Teach your friends and your family members something this Holy Week, that we can make room for it all, for the story, for the grace. We can put our lives on hold – or more accurately we can envelope our lives within this story so that we become the gospel for others.

It is a real privilege to walk this path with the people of St. James’. If you are in the Jackson area and need a place to come and live into our Lord’s journey, we would love to have you. Come as you are, just show up and let the story wash over you, change you, inspire you, remind you. For this is the Lord’s doing, and it is marvelous in our eyes!

See you in church!


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