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I had a wonderful experience today meeting with a group of partners who are doing amazing work in Haiti, mainly in the community of Bondeau where St. Paul’s Delray and others (St. Gregory’s in Boca and several other churches in this diocese) have been working for several years. We heard from medical mission leaders;  those involved in building a new church there; Deacon Anita who lives there with over a dozen girls, making a difference in their lives and in the community; and folks involved in bringing clean water (Hallelujah) and solar power to this area in such need.

There are ongoing challenges, some of them are extreme. It’s hard work. It’s the long haul. And in it is blessing. Profound blessing.

We shared Eucharist and I used the propers for the mission of the church: Luke 10 – the harvest is plentiful, the laborers are full. It’s a gospel we often hear at ordinations. But we must remember the laborers are not just those who wear these funny collars. I saw today a great group of laborers, who represent even a larger group. I was reflecting on the work – how we can feel overwhelmed not just when faced with the challenges in this small part of Haiti, but when we also think about all the problems around this world of ours. It seems too much, too hard, way too hard.

Yet Jesus sent the 70 to go to towns and then to houses and when they were welcome, to hang out there a while and bring a bit of the kingdom near. That’s what we can do in Bondeau. That’s what you can do in whatever mission field, across the world or across the street, God has led you to. Bring the peace of Christ. Share the love of God. Bring the kingdom near. And as was evident today, when you do so, you see that same kingdom near to you. For we are most blessed when we bless others.

Do not despair. Be the laborer but remember you were not called to fix every problem in every part of the world. But you can make a difference in whatever “house” Jesus has sent you to.

I was reminded today of the power of God and of prayer. When I think about all my own problems, which at times seem too much, I can remember today and the words of deep faith and trust in the movement of the Holy Spirit, who is indeed moving amongst these Haiti partners, and amongst St. Paul’s, and even with little ole me.

Let’s be laborers. And rejoice – the kingdom has come near.

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